NFL Launches Inaugural NFL Fan Flag Challenge

For all the creative people out there, this might be a good one to tackle.

Top 100 Sneak Peek: 49ers Willis makes Top 10 of the Top 100

Where do you think he’ll be ranked?

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The wait to find out who the players selected the NFL’s best concludes TONIGHT, when we reveal the top 10 names on the Top 100 Players of 2012.

Before we present the cream of the crop — as voted by the NFL players themselves — here’s a sneak peek at a player you will see tonight, 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis.  Willis ranked number 23 on last year’s countdown, but rose into the Top 10 after a dominant performance in 2012.

Where will number 52 end up?  Find out tonight at 8pm ET only on NFL Network!

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Playoffs in college football will be a very interesting experiment

Your wish has come true.

If you haven’t heard, we’ll have a playoff system in place for the upcoming 2014 college football system. It’s not a perfect system, but at least the sport is moving in the right direction.

When I heard the news yesterday I was excited because this was exactly what the entire football world had been waiting for. Simple rankings should not determine who gets a chance to play for the championship. All other team sports have some sort of playoff system and finally the NCAA is doing the same.

But it’s still one step of many more that need to be made. A four-team system at the moment is a good thing. We still don’t know how revenue or even TV ratings will accept it. What about the potential flaws that come with it?

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