Playoffs in college football will be a very interesting experiment

Your wish has come true.

If you haven’t heard, we’ll have a playoff system in place for the upcoming 2014 college football system. It’s not a perfect system, but at least the sport is moving in the right direction.

When I heard the news yesterday I was excited because this was exactly what the entire football world had been waiting for. Simple rankings should not determine who gets a chance to play for the championship. All other team sports have some sort of playoff system and finally the NCAA is doing the same.

But it’s still one step of many more that need to be made. A four-team system at the moment is a good thing. We still don’t know how revenue or even TV ratings will accept it. What about the potential flaws that come with it?

The four teams are still determined by vote rather than record, so there still will be some controversy for a team that’s ranked 5th in the country. It’s a work in progress.

I have had friends who have told me that the BCS was stupid and a playoff system must be put in place. I agreed with them but asked them how’d they do it. How could they take away all that potential revenue from the major bowl games? And if it’s a playoff system, how many teams are involved?

Funding the travel for these playoff games will hurt a lot of programs and the NCAA is trying to maintain the image of student-athletes. A playoff system with at least two or three rounds would run into these kids’ study time for finals.

And also, even with this new system, mid-major teams like Boise State and TCU still will have to be nearly flawless to be considered one of the top four teams.

The problem we have now is that even though college football isn’t a professional sport, it gets treated that way. The players don’t get any money, but so much money rides on them. With sponsors, TV deals and all the hype that comes with it, it can’t be treated like anything but a professional sport.

And with the playoff system, that’s how it’s going to continue to be. There will always be talk about money and talk about getting the most out of these opportunity. A four-team playoff system is good now but the fans, the stations will want more. They will then demand for eight teams and possibly 12 later on.

It’s going to continue to be a cycle of demands. With the change to a playoff system, it will be a test trial to see how far the NCAA is willing to please the fans but also maintain their biggest supporters — the ones who shell out money to keep college football on top.

There’s no middle ground to this and it will continue to be an issue with the NCAA. It won’t be as bad as when the BCS was causing complaints nationwide. But if the BCS has taught us anything, money talks and sooner or later, we’ll have other issues to deal with by the NCAA in their efforts to make everyone happy.

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