Why isn’t LeBron James on the cover of NBA 2K13?

Not bad, but could have been better.

LeBron James has never appeared on a video game cover and this year would be a great time for him to finally get it done. But instead, the NBA 2K series has decided to go with Blake Griffin, Ken Durant and Derrick Rose for their newest cover. (The game is set to come out in November.)

These three aren’t bad choices but why not include the most talked about player in the league? He’s the defending MVP, Finals MVP and is a champion now.

Maybe James didn’t want to be on the cover. But if there was a chance to put the most talked about star of the league on the cover, this had to be the year. It’s a missed opportunity I think.

13 thoughts on “Why isn’t LeBron James on the cover of NBA 2K13?

  1. 2k doesnt CHOOSE who they want to be on the cover. They have to get rights for everything, the jerseys, the players. Maybe LeBron James doesnt WANT to be on the cover? Cuz im sure they have asked him, i mean, hes an 3 time mvp, 1 time finals mvp,rookie of the year, and just won the championship.

  2. absolutely ridiculous.. how does 2k go from larry magic and jordan to durant griffin and rose? what can griffin do? will i even be able to use rose in the game? seeing as he played like 25 games all season..

  3. I agree with Tony, rose barely played and griffin is only known for dunking. I see why kevin Durant is there but why not lebron, and if leBron said no than find someone like kobe or dwayne wade.People that actually got far in the playoffs.

  4. i agree with both marcus and tony, lebron had a fantastic season with winning the regular season mvp finals mvp and a gold medal all in the same year that has to be means for some consideration, except they put derrick rose who did not play more than 30 games this whole season, it boggles the mind to know that they they dint put lebron on the cover knowing that the only 2 players to ever win regular season mvp finals mvp and a gold medal in the same season are michael jordan and lebron james. ENOUGH SAID!

  5. i honestly agree, Lebron James had an amazing year, he won MVP,Finals MVP Nba 2012 Champion,and he won an Olympic Gold metal. please name another player who has done all that in One Year!!! i understand about Kevin Durant he is a great player and he has made it to the finals with his team plus he recently won a gold metal as well. Blake Griffin is a very talented Poward foward so i can see why he is on the cover but the clippers they got eliminated by the Lakers so if you wanted to make a 3 man cover then it should have been Lebron James,Kevin Durant,Kobe Bryant but if you really wanted a big man on the cover it should have been Kevin Love. Kevin Love is the best power foward in the Nba his offensive game is literally the best he can post up, shoot from mid range and three he also does great on defense he defends his opponent very well and he get lots of rebounds. so if you wanted to put a big man on a cover it should be Kevin Love. but i got off topic, were talking about Lebron James he’s had an amazing career but if i see him on the cover of 2k14 and he didn’t win a championship in 2013, 2k your doing a bad job with the covers, i hope this game is the best 2k yet

  6. I know this wouldn’t be the best option but I think itd be cool to have LBJ and d wade back to back on the cover. Or if they really wanted a three man cover… Go with the big three! Yolo right

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