A Visit from Big Ed

Thank you Ed Sabol for bring us NFL Films.

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Our founder and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Sabol was in house Thursday to honor Films employees celebrating a significant anniversary: either their 10th, 25th, or 30th year with the company.  One among the honorees celebrated his 50th — yes, five-zero-thieth – year here at Films, none other than company president Steve Sabol.  “That’s a long time,” Ed kidded about his son’s five decade (and counting!) tenure, “I’m not even 50 years old!”

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This is why David Stern is the bad guy of the NBA

I don’t know what David Stern was thinking, putting his hand up to his ear as the fans booed him at the draft. Egging on a fanbase like that isn’t a very good idea. And it doesn’t help when the league has been under scrutiny in recent years:

  • Suspicion of a fixed NBA lottery
  • Crooked referees
  • Nixing a trade due to “basketball reasons”
  • Forcing players to wear suits on the bench
  • The lockout

He’s like Vince McMahon. He’s the boss that everyone hates but you have no other choice. Without Stern, there is no basketball, so in a sense, the fans need the man they hate. But as much as these fans love their ball, they hate the way the league is going.

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