This is why David Stern is the bad guy of the NBA

I don’t know what David Stern was thinking, putting his hand up to his ear as the fans booed him at the draft. Egging on a fanbase like that isn’t a very good idea. And it doesn’t help when the league has been under scrutiny in recent years:

  • Suspicion of a fixed NBA lottery
  • Crooked referees
  • Nixing a trade due to “basketball reasons”
  • Forcing players to wear suits on the bench
  • The lockout

He’s like Vince McMahon. He’s the boss that everyone hates but you have no other choice. Without Stern, there is no basketball, so in a sense, the fans need the man they hate. But as much as these fans love their ball, they hate the way the league is going.

Stern knows he’s the bad guy and now that he’s accepted it by his actions on Thursday, I guess he’s truly ready to embrace it. No matter what he does, he knows the fans will come back. They love their basketball too much.

It surprises me that in all the four major sports in America, none of the commissioners are liked. Roger Goodell of the NFL probably has the least amount of hate towards him but with what’s going on with the Saints bounty case, it’s not getting any better.

I guess in sports, it’s like a soap opera/wrestling show. There has to be a bad guy and a good guy. In the NBA, Stern is the bad guy and I guess the good guy is Adam Silver/Stone Cold Steve Austin.


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