I applaud the Rays and Tigers for their throwback/fauxback game effort

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Here are photos from last night’s throwback game between the Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay Rays.

This isn’t really a throwback game. The Tigers were in the right attire but the Rays wore their theoretical fauxback jerseys Saturday of what might their uniforms could look like.

But overall, if this is a one-time thing for the Rays, I say it’s done very well. The Rays jerseys look fantastic on the field. I wish they had an elastic waistband but other than that, it’s so unique that I am glad they did it.

As for the Tigers, they look fantastic in their duds and I would love to see them wear it again in the near future.

“The Wave” are for people who don’t know how to cheer at sporting events

They flashed this to Texas Rangers fans doing “The Wave” Friday night.

I know “The Wave” originated from Bay Area native “Krazy” George Henderson and when he first did it, it was fine. But now I’ve seen this at every single baseball game I’ve been to this year. It needs to go away. And shame on you for doing it.

I don’t like it. It’s distracting and it serves no purpose but to entertain people who don’t know what they’re watching. Even athletes don’t dig it. It’s a stupid thing to do during the game and for people like me that want to watch, I hate it when my whole section stands up every ten seconds.

Gimmicks at sporting events should be kept to a very small minimum. “The Wave” or rally towels are just unnecessary. It’s like having one of these at the game. And the people that start the wave are usually people that I can tell just by the way they dress that they aren’t here for the game.

When I see them, I yell at them to sit down. I yell very loudly to discourage them. And when nobody listens and follows, I feel joy because I stopped a travesty from happening.

Can we enjoy a game without the gimmicks to get those uninterested involved?