My solution to fix the All-Star Game voting in MLB

Bud Selig has made the All-Star Game worse since 2002.

Every year when the MLB All-Star Game rosters are announced, there will always be a good handful of players that the public believes were snubbed. But with the All-Star Game, these things happen when you leave the fate to the hands of the fans.

Fans are fans and many of them might not have a good grasp on reality of what constitutes as a player having a good season. This is what I don’t like about the ASG. It just takes away the opportunity for some players to make it to the game.

Maybe I’m old-school, but I don’t want to make the All-Star Game all about the fans. Especially since these games “mean something” to the playoffs, I would prefer the best of every league to be in it rather than some guy who is very popular.

Can there be a balance of intelligent player selection and allowing the fans to get involved? I think the NFL has it done right.

A third of the votes come from fans, another from players and another from coaches. Therefore, the fans have their say but those who actually are involved in these games have the majority say. It’s a good system.

I don’t mind that every team has to have one player represented. There are enough roster spots to make that happen. It also gives each team’s fanbase a player to cheer for.

My issue is that with the other roster spots, some of them are taken up by players that are voted in based on popularity. Sometimes they’re named starters and those up and rising stars that could benefit from exposure are left behind.

It’s good to have familiar names in the game but there also is an opportunity to bring in fresh faces. It’s hard to find a middle ground but I believe if the MLB adopts the NFL’s system, we would have less complaints all around.

2 thoughts on “My solution to fix the All-Star Game voting in MLB

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