Grant Balfour improvises camouflage cap with a couple Sharpies


With Independence Day yesterday, teams throughout Major League Baseball wore camouflage caps to honor the military that served to provide us freedom in America.

It’s a nice gesture and all proceeds of these caps sold at stadiums and online go directly to the Welcome Back Veterans Fund, so it’s a good thing all around.

As I was watching the A’s-Red Sox game on TV yesterday, I noticed that reliever Grant Balfour’s cap was not the issues camouflaged cap. (This is what it is supposed to look like.) It appears to be a regular home cap with the logo filled in with marks from a Sharpie.

I asked some beat writers but none of them were able to get a chance to ask Balfour why he wore that. Did he misplace his cap? Is it because he’s Australian? I wonder what the reason is.