I can’t wait for the Oakland Oaks throwbacks today

Beautiful throwback!

Today, the Oakland A’s will throwback to the Pacific Coast League days and will wear throwbacks of the Oaks. The Seattle Mariners will don their Rainiers uniforms.

I love these Oaks throwbacks and I hope that the caps would be available for purchase soon. I love it when teams throw back to a time that isn’t well known — especially the old PCL days.

This is a great matchup in terms of uniform and a great way to end the first half of the baseball season. Let’s hope the A’s get the win and enter the All-Star Break with a .500 record.

Thanks to the second Wild Card spot, the A’s are still in it! And overall, the team is starting to come together the way I just like it.

The first base situation is a lot better than it was last year and Derek Norris looks to be the real deal. The pitching is great and hitters are starting to find their stroke. I hope for more in the second half.

These two teams threw back to these before.

Two years ago, ESPN and LeBron James overshadowed my birthday

I was at home trying to enjoy dinner and this nonsense appears on my TV. I will forever remember when “The Decision” happened because it was on my birthday.

But that’s not important. James has been on record saying that doing that entire interview was a mistake, so the “hating” on him has subsided. But anyway, today’s my birthday but I don’t celebrate birthdays.

What I usually like to do is go to an A’s game with a couple friends, sit back, relax and enjoy baseball. Too bad I can’t do that this year.