Last night was perfect for Chipper Jones

A perfect moment in time.

As I mentioned last week, I am a huge fan of Chipper Jones and I wanted to see him in the All-Star Game. I am glad he made it and got a standing ovation. Getting a hit was icing on the cake.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports wrote this beautiful column about Jones’ night and his impact to the baseball world.

There’s no crying in baseball? My eyes watered reading this and flashing back to all the great memories watching Jones play ball. I think you might do the same too.


The USA’s Olympics opening ceremony outfits are OK

These outfits look OK.

Here’s the official information on the outfit:

Ralph Lauren, three time outfitter of the U.S. Olympic team, unveiled the uniforms athletes will don during the Opening Ceremony on July 27 in London.

Calling it an “updated take on old-world elegance,” David Lauren, son and executive vice president to Ralph Lauren, told the “Today” show the aim was to achieve a classic look that would look good on all athletes, from wrestlers to gymnasts.

The outfits consists of a white cotton sport shirt with a red and navy necktie under a double-breasted blazer for men, and a cream skirt with a white blouse under a red and navy scarf and a navy blazer for women. All athletes will also sport berets. More casual outfits were prepared for atheletes to wear within the Olympic Village.

I think it looks OK. It was inspired by the 1948 outfits worn to the Olympics in London. A part of me keeps thinking it’s French yet another part of me feels like they’re all stewardesses.

The jacket and tie look fine, but I feel that they just got off a yacht and are on their way to the annual polo festival.

What do you think of this outfit?

Tom Brady Stares At People In CVS & Gets Busted For Offering Candy To A Child

Tom Brady can do no wrong, ever.

But it does remind me of this:

Joe Montana's Right Arm

Tom Brady is back in front of the camera but this time as a pitchman for CVS and Unreal Candy.

The Patriots quarterback participates in a staring contest at the drugstore with unsuspecting customers, whom have no idea that Brady is lurking behind a curtain as their competition.

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