Jaguars new black jerseys leaked on NFL Shop


This was leaked the other day. As I had mentioned in the past, I was not a fan of the Jaguars going black full time. This is the the alternate for this season but it is believed that in 2013, the team will go with a complete design overhaul and black will be the primary.

As expected, these black alternates are a mirror image of their current set. All it is really is a switch of color placement. I would imagine that these will be worn with the black pants but I wonder if they will wear it in the the white pants.

The current set isn’t even a good set and compared to what they used to wear, I wish they never changed.

My problem with these black jerseys (and actually the entire Jaguars set) is the lack of gold. Gold complements their colors so well but the lack of it makes me hope that at least with their new design next year, we get more gold.