Will the 49ers bring back the 1994 throwbacks in 2013?

Wishful thinking? Maybe. But it’s not out of the question. Because of Nike’s takeover of the NFL uniforms, there were a lot of rules and regulations that had to be put in place for teams to submit throwback uniforms.

The reason why the 1994 throwbacks won’t be used this season is because the 49ers did not submit it to the league in time. In fact, the earliest they would be able to use it (if they choose to do so) would be next year. But I don’t think the team has any plans to bring them back.

Unless the team decides to hold a fan vote, there might be a chance that the vote might convince the team to bring it back. Or maybe for nostalgia’s sake, they do it for the 20th anniversary.

It’s a uniform fans love not only because it has ties to the team’s last Super Bowl, but it’s so different from the team’s classic look. There’s no gold whatsoever except for the helmet. But the original helmet is supposed to be silver, not gold. The white pants and black dropshadow was so different, that people loved it.

Seeing the 49ers, known for their khaki gold pants, in something different was refreshing. And the fact that the team wore it for only one season makes it so special to fans.

I am a fan of this 1994 look and it would be nice to see them wear it again. But if the team decides against it next year or any of the following years, I am OK with it. A part of its mystique is the fact that we only saw it for one season and never again.

The only time I’d see the 49ers bring these uniforms back is if they do a 25th anniversary of that Super Bowl team. But even at that, it wouldn’t feel right unless the team wins their sixth Super Bowl. Reminding a fan base that it’s been 25 years since their last title is kind of hard to swallow.

So as much as I would like to see it, I doubt the 49ers will do it. An alternate jersey is way more likely than a throwback for this team anyway.

Great memories and maybe it’s best to keep them in our memories.

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