Death to the Kiss Cam?

The President and First Lady were at last night’s USA vs. Brazil match and they were featured on Kiss Cam. President Obama didn’t comply with the “rules” of the Kiss Cam and got booed.

Later when they did the Kiss Cam again, Obama did kiss his wife. Everyone was happy but I still wonder is the Kiss Cam necessary? After all, it has had some backlash before.

I never liked Kiss Cam because it forces people to kiss. Sure it’s fun and I have nothing against it. But one day they’ll get a brother and sister on the cam and it will be bad. They’ll get friends that can’t kiss. And again, they’ll get the homophobic approach and there will be backlash.

The Kiss Cam is fun but I guess I’m one of those people that really doesn’t care for it at sporting events. But with more people attending games that don’t really care about the sport, you have to entertain them somehow.