The impact of Jeremy Lin’s move (back) to the Rockets

He’s back!

When Jeremy Lin was with the Warriors, he was seldom used and the “Linsanity” thing never really caught on. It was because he never got a chance to play a lot of minutes and due to that, it led to his eventual release.

Fast forward that to last February and the entire country was all about Lin. Merchandise was flying off the shelves with his name and he even got people who knew nothing about basketball to care.

Now he’s back with the Houston Rockets and this might be a very unique situation for him and his impact. I would believe he is a starter in Houston since he’s getting paid starter money.

But there’s more to this Lin movement than just basketball:

  • As mentioned earlier, I now know people who don’t care about basketball wondering about Lin. They even know who Landry Fields and Amar’e Stoudemire are. Lin has already impacted a lot of non-basketball fans into the NBA. Will it last now?
  • Do these people now follow the Knicks or do they just go with Lin’s newest team?
  • This Asian community was all up in it. Do they still follow now that Lin’s playing for Yao Ming’s old team again? The Houston community already know how to deal with an Asian sensation. Will they be able to market him?
  • The Knicks lost out by not bringing him back, thus losing a lot of marketing potential with it.
  • Is Linsanity over? It was a product of the New York media. Does it resonate with the Houston fanbase? And remember that Lin would prefer to be viewed as a basketball player versus a marketing product. His game must improve to make it happen.
  • There’s a lot of pressure on him to succeed now that people know who he is. His next moves will be watched under a microscope.

I had got over Linsanity in about a week when it happened. Then I got annoyed with it a little. I wanted to view him as a basketball player only but everyone was talking about how he’s great for the Asian community. He is but there has to be to a point where that needs to be let go and we should treat him as a basketball player.

Hopefully this Linsanity won’t happen again. Let’s just see what he does as a basketball player. I don’t want to start treating him differently just because of his family background. When he does establish himself as a legit player, then we can go back to that and learn more about him.

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