My review of the new Dream Team book

A great book for you to read.

Last week, the new Dream Team book by Jack McCallum was released and I immediately got my hands on it. In fact, I actually pre-ordered it weeks prior and didn’t receive it until a couple days after its release.

When I first opened it up, I was ready to dive into a world of memories that I never really had. And now one week later, I’m glad I was part of the ride.

You see, I was only six when the Dream Team became a reality. I didn’t know much about basketball but as the years went by, I understood the importance of this team. My first memory of this team was the puzzle poster that my mom helped me construct. I still have that poster in my room and it’s one of those things that I will never ever want to get rid of.

Part of my desire to read this book is because I am a sports historian so reading up on something like this is right up my alley. Basketball was my first love of sports and the fact that the Dream Team almost seem like a myth to me makes it so much more unique. And I am so glad this book recaptured all of that for me.

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