The irony of Burger King celebrating the Dream Team

This cup can’t beat the 1992 cup.

As I was on my way doing my Back to the Future sight seeing spots on Thursday, I stopped by Doc Brown’s garage (1985) which is located next to a Burger King. I went inside the Burger King and found out that they are giving away limited edition Dream Team cups. They have five cups celebrating the five gold medal teams the USA has produced since 1992.

As you can see, these cups are modeled after the actual uniforms the teams wore for the Olympics (although I don’t recall the `96 team wearing red).

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the `92 cup available but would get them this weekend. I was hungry so I ended up settling for the `12 cup which is still pretty nice.

So what’s the irony of it?

Burger King sponsoring the USA basketball team is fine, but normally it’s McDonald’s making the big splash during the Olympics. And this year, McDonald’s has a monopoly vice grip at the Olympics with their french fry monopoly.

So it’s kind of ironic that even though McDonald’s is controlling everything with the Olympics, back at home, Burger King is doing their best to keep up the American pride. And so far, BK has done a much better job in selling me America than McDonald’s has.

I think these cups are pretty cool and I hope to get the original Dream Team one this weekend.

I won’t collect them all. I just need the 1992 one.

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