Dream Team uniform makes return to Barcelona

Saying you’re better than the Dream Team, then you dress like them?

With Team USA playing their game against Argentina in Barcelona today, it was decided that they should sport Dream Team throwbacks for the game. With the 20th anniversary of the greatest team ever in Barcelona, it was a very nice gesture (with the Chuck Daly patch).

Well, these throwbacks aren’t exactly replicas of the original uniform, but overall, it still looks really fresh and way better than the team’s current uniform.

And of course with this homage, the 2012 team struggled once again to dominate the competition — unlike the original Dream Team. Maybe Kobe should just shut his mouth.

This Oakland A’s run is magical

Yoenis Cespedes at this pace will win Rookie of the Year.

The A’s are now 13-2 in the month of July and are six games over .500 for the first time since 2008. Their sweep of the Red Sox and their three wins against the Yankees this week shows that this team might be on to something.

I don’t recall ever feeling this great about the A’s since I was in high school when the team strung together consecutive playoff appearances from 2000-03. But those teams back then had more established names and at times, were expected to win the whole thing.

But this team is so different. A .500 record at season’s end would be considered a success. With so many new faces (a lot of rookies) and a team that has such a small payroll, I didn’t know what to expect from this team. Playoffs was a pipe dream.

I think the fact that this team might not know any better they’ll just keep rolling. And more importantly, for a team that has been pissed on by their Bay Area rival, it’s good that the A’s are finally getting some good mojo on their side for the first time in a long time. Hopefully this leads to something great. The A’s deserve this.