Ted Ginn Jr. Pays Respect to Father

This is a nice thing to do now that we can thanks to the RG3 rule.

Congratulations WWE Raw on 1,000 great shows

Tonight, WWE Raw will air its 1,000th episode — the longest weekly episodic run in TV history. This is a great accomplishment and for me, a standing ovation worthy kind of stuff.

I enjoy wrestling. I’ve been watching it since I was in elementary school and I still do from time to time. I know the storylines are scripted but it’s the high flying action and comical storylines that make it fun. Plus, it’s part of the American fabric.

Raw has defied all kinds of doubters and as the times have changed, so has the product. But to do be around since 1993 on a weekly basis, nonstop is amazing. And it’s still fun to watch. I will be busy so I can’t watch tonight’s 1,000th episode live but I’ll catch it later and remember all the fun moments I saw these wrestlers give me.

Farewell Ichiro, I can’t cheer for you anymore

One of the many times I saw Ichiro play live in front of my eyes.

I have been privileged to have seen Ichiro Suzuki play ball for so many games. As an A’s fan, it was easy to get to Oakland and see the A’s take on the rival Mariners. Heck, even when I visited Safeco field several years back (best ballpark I’ve ever been to), I sat 17 rows in foul territory and it felt like I was sitting right there with Ichiro.

So with the trade of Ichiro to the Yankees official, I can no longer cheer for him. It is that because of what the A’s did to the Yankees this weekend that the Yankees made a desperate trade. But ultimately, it’s because Ichiro plays for the Evil Empire that makes it hard for me to cheer for him.

I sound like I am getting emotional as if Ichiro was retiring, but this is like a retirement for me. Over the past couple years I told myself to cherish watching Ichiro play live in front of my eyes because it might not last long. Now that day is here.

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Reactions to NCAA’s punishments for Penn State

Penn State football will never be the same.

I’m still digesting the NCAA’s decision on the punishments on Penn State. It wasn’t the death penalty, which is what I was hoping for, but it still is very severe.

Here are the sanctions the NCAA imposed on Penn State.

  • Fines: $60 million
  • 4-year postseason ban
  • Wins from 1998-2011 vacated
  • 5-year probation
  • Total scholarships capped at 65

Some have said that this is worse than the death penalty and in a sense, it is. But at least they are keeping football. But in reality, this will likely hurt any kind of hope for this program to be successful in the future.

Players can transfer immediately but regardless of what happens, so much of this program is now on a respirator now with these punishments. Financially, they will now try to survive with so little and that will affect the entire Penn State community, possibly a jump in tuition. Eliminating scholarships also goes along those lines.

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