NBA teams are going to 1990s throwbacks this upcoming season

Memories of when I first fell in love with basketball.

So this is the news that has gotten me all excited. It appears that a portion of NBA teams will throwback to the 1990s this season. As you can see from the above graphic, those are the teams that will be participating in this promotion and what is being guessed as to what they will be wearing.

These uniforms were aesthetically terrible. But I love them because they were the trend of the 1990s and more importantly, it takes me back to when I fell in love with basketball. I don’t recall much of the classic uniforms because these were the uniforms I grew up with.

It’s unique in a sense that most times, throwbacks go back at least a couple decades but these uniforms are still part of my generation. It’s really nice to go back to when basketball was truly king of the world. (And funny to be reminded that Charles Barkley wore three of these.)

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