Northwestern Unveils New Look for 2012 Season

The last time I gave a standing ovation to a new uniform set was the Blue Jays this year. But this new Northwestern uniforms has forced me to do it again. Northwestern, known for their northwestern stripes has now incorporated it into compression sleeves and across the jersey. It’s unique and I think it complements the entire set so well. Great job!

The Logo Asylum

The Northwestern Wildcats have released their new Under Armour duds for the 2012 season— and for once, it appears UA has done well with a uniform:

More photos and information here.

They seem to be running behind the “Reclaim the Stripe” idea, since Northwestern is credited with being among the first to introduce stripes into a football uniform. Let me say this— I love it. The only thing I would change is the tramp-stamp wordmark on the back of the pants. This look specifically comes from the early 1900’s, when NU first introduced the stripes across their uniforms (warning, bad photoshop). A little bit more from the designers, and those interesting numbers:

They noted the Gothic architecture, pulling patterns from the stone work and incorporating them into the jersey numbers, thus tying the power of the school’s buildings to the strength of the team. They also took from the…

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