I can’t wait for what Vernon Davis has in store after he retires from football

I wouldn’t be surprised if Davis hangs out with the president on a few more occasions later in life.

I covered San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis for the past three seasons with my work with Examiner.com and every time I think about those years, I always enjoyed every opportunity I had to interview him and see him grow. I’ve become a fan.

On the football field, he has established himself as one of the best tight ends in the game. His blocking ability and his route running continue to improve and his chemistry with quarterback Alex Smith is very special. As a football player, Davis has been a team leader for a few seasons and it’s very apparent a lot of younger players look up to him.

I’m excited to see Davis continue this fantastic career he is putting together and lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl win. He has the tools and the right structure in place to make it happen. I truly believe that he can lead the 49ers to the promised land.

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I love the Olympics and I hope we have more great moments

Moments like these is what makes the Olympics so great. Sure it shouldn’t be about politics, but sometimes politics comes into it and makes it so much more important (Tommie Smith and John Carlos, 1968). But at the same time, politics makes it worse (Terrorist attacks, 1972).

As I had mentioned in a previous blog post, sports gives us a platform to make a difference in the world.

So as the Olympics Opening Ceremony open up today, I hope that this becomes a platform for athletes. I know that there are a lot of problems in the world and with these Olympics, we might be opened up to the world by athletes who care about real issues.

I usually don’t like to cheer for any country in particular, but I will be leaning towards my home (USA) and my family home (China). But it really doesn’t matter to me. This is a time celebration of for the world, for us to grow closer together, and this is what I hope we get out of it.