Recapping this trip: The Santa Clara/San Jose/San Francisco edition

Pretty neat recap from NFL Network’s own Ian Rapoport on his trip to 49ers HQ. And as for his question about West Coast tape delays, yes, I avoid Twitter and Facebook all together.

Sean Payton Is Watching You

Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you…

Joe Montana's Right Arm

As the Saints practice at their training camp facility in Metairie, Louisiana, the figure of Sean Payton still lurks in the distance with the head coach serving a year-long suspension.

A large sign of Payton hangs in the building with the Belichickian phrase “Do Your Job” in large letters below his picture.

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Mr. Bean is all the Olympics Opening Ceremony needed

Mr. Bean stole the show.

I liked last night’s Opening Ceremony. I had my fix of classic British rock, including Paul McCartney and lots of fairytale folklore. But the only thing that really caught my attention was that of Mr. Bean.

I am a huge Mr. Bean fan and seeing him there was all I needed to see.