Hopeless, clueless, and classless in the NFL

A few things have occurred over the past few days and I wanted to just say my thoughts on them.

This story broke my heart and it just brought up memories of Junior Seau’s death. We don’t know what caused it and if it had anything to do with brain damage. But it reminded me a lot of Kenny McKinley and how he was suffering through a hopeless feeling and killed himself after trying to rehab back onto the Broncos.

I want to put this out there that people who have never been on the verge of suicide should never judge people who do commit suicide. You’ll never understand what it takes to push someone over the ledge. And I don’t want to judge Murdock for his actions. There could have been a lot of factors to it.

But this death adds more to the black cloud over the NFL and its current state of players killing themselves. I hope this isn’t part of the concussion issue that’s going on. But at the same time, something wrong is happening and we need to stop it.

I covered Harbaugh for an entire season last year and even though I am no expert in Harbaugh-speak, I understand him better than the average person. What he did Sunday is of no surprise to me. This is how Harbaugh operates.

Harbaugh needs to be challenged and sometimes, he finds ways with the media to make it happen. I don’t think any of the local media ever called Jenkins a bust, but Harbaugh had to do something to push Jenkins. Maybe this was his strategy.

Or maybe this is Harbaugh once again trying to keep the media guessing. The less the media knows, the more the 49ers can do whatever they want. Regardless of how Harbaugh does it, his goal is to win the respect of his players and this is one of his many approaches. Don’t take it personally because Harbaugh isn’t either.

Really? The only logical reason I would see Saints fans complaining about this is because they are blood thirsty vultures. They’re not satisfied with the monument, but instead want to embarrass the Falcons in the process.

The team the Saints played that day didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that Steve Gleason blocked the punt and at that moment, brought the whole city back together. That’s what’s important.

The statue is great and I agree that the punter doesn’t wear Falcons gear. That’s not what’s important. Celebrate the good and don’t get nit-picky with things that don’t matter.

Every time I see clips I get a little teary eyed because it was so important to New Orleans’ rebuilding.

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