To Tom Brady, On His 35th Birthday

All hail the great Tom Brady!

Joe Montana's Right Arm

Friday is an important day in American history.

It marks the 35th birthday of America’s celebrity quarterback, Thomas E. Brady Jr.

Join me on a journey through time (as I choose to interpret it) as we salute the five time three-time Super Bowl champion.

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In Which Nine Major League Baseball Teams Had Their Facebook and Twitter Hacked

When mixing in sports and Facebook, we get this. Deadspin uncovered that it was actually from an employee within MLB that was bitter, trying to play around with something that was not meant to go public. But since they are underpaid, I guess this is frustration going on.

Plus, the Braves update actually kind of sounds real. Chipper Jones is the man!

Can’t get enough of the A’s moving like Bernie

Move it like Bernie!

After a storming month of July, the A’s need to get back on track this month to continue their torrid pace. September is going to be a tough battle for this team but if they can manage through this month strong, I truly believe that A’s are in for a serious push for the playoffs.

And what makes this run so much fun is that this team is fun also. The walk-offs continue to grab the attention of fans around the Bay and these cast of characters on the team move like Bernie.

I have been a fan of this dance since I learned about it last year and seriously, it’s just fun. But the fact that the team has adopted this as part of their identity, I am all for it. Being silly and having fun playing baseball is a part of why I love the game. And with the A’s having fun with the Bernie, I know that they will continue to play solid ball.

Dan Straily pitches tonight and I can’t wait to see what this rookie has in store. Go A’s!