Memories of the Hall of Fame when I saw Jerry Rice go in

That’s a video I shot a couple years ago at the Hall of Fame when the G.O.A.T. Jerry Rice was inducted. The Hall of Fame is a great place and I say every football fan needs to go there.

That Hall of Fame ceremony with Rice was pretty awesome and it was great reliving all the memories. But Emmitt’s Smith speech stole the show. His heartfelt emotion, especially toward Daryl Johnston, had me in tears. Amazing!

Tonight is the Hall of Fame ceremony and it’s a special thing for all those who have watched the game grow over the years. Enjoy your weekend and remember that tomorrow, we have football back!

Please, please, please let the Browns get a new uniform

I wouldn’t mind them adopting this as a primary logo on their helmet.

As pointed out by new owner Jimmy Haslam, a new uniform look for the Cleveland Browns is not out of the question.

New uniforms and other cosmetic changes weren’t ruled out by Haslam at his press conference, and maybe that’s something that could scare Browns fans who are entrenched in the Browns current overall design. It shouldn’t. Change is scary, but change can be good, especially when the status quo is so depressing. Besides, Haslam correctly pointed out that “culture” isn’t defined by a logo, mascot, uniform or any other material item that’s associated with a football team.

“I would maybe define ‘culture’ a little different than that,” Haslam said when asked about a facelift for the team. “Culture is a little different than uniforms and naming rights. Culture is about how you come to work every day and conduct yourselves.

“We changed our logo and our designs of our stores multiple times over the years. But the basic culture and core beliefs stay the same.”

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