New Jordan commercial gives us a glimpse of the NBA in 2030

This is the new Jordan commercial that aired a couple days ago. It features two kids from different sides of the world inspired by Carmelo Anthony. Then they grow up and end up becoming rivals in college and in the NBA. Pretty interesting that the commercial features the growth of these two kids all the way to their rookie year in 2030.

Here are some interesting notes that I take from this commercial.

  • :20 – He plays basketball by himself while the rest of his friends watch football.
  • :27 – Since this is a Jordan commercial, you’ll notice that the three schools that this kid is thinking about all happen to be schools that are outfitted by Jordan: Marquette, Georgetown and Cal. The only other team that is outfitted by Jordan is UNC, which is the school Ling goes to. And when is Cal ever a basketball destination for a high prospect high schooler?
  • :35 – The UNC uniforms remain unchanged. Georgetown’s looks the same too. (Although those jersey numbers are against NCAA rules.)
  • :39 – The Mavericks win the lottery in 2029 and by then, David Stern is no longer commissioner.
  • :51 – On April 9, 2031, the Bobcats (which surprisingly don’t change their uniform design over the next 19 years and are actually a good team) win the championship. Plus, when does the NBA Finals end in early April?
  • :57 – Apparently the Olympics uniforms don’t change either and the international rules have changed, allowing both players to wear numbers 32 and 16. Also the Games are held in Cairo.
  • :59 – Goaltending?

3 thoughts on “New Jordan commercial gives us a glimpse of the NBA in 2030

    • We don’t know if it was an inbound pass or not. Even though the previous scene shows that they were inbounding, the next two seconds that were focused on the two players, we don’t know if there was an inbound yet. And even though it was a pass, anything that’s near the hoop on its way down can be considered a shot.

      • So you are saying that we can’t tell whether the ball was delivered via inbound or was already inbounded and has become a shot or an alley oop, correct? If you pay close attention to the video the refs whistle sounds and while the camera is focused on the two players, by the time they turn and look for the ball, the ball is already in mid air coming from the direction of the inbounder therefore implying that it was inbounded because of the impossibility of someone inbounding it to someone literally a few feet away (which is ridiculous) and for that person to also alley oop the players in such short time. Since we have come to the obvious conclusion that it was the inbound pass, rules state that during an inbound pass a player that is on the court, ommiting the inbounder, must touch the ball first for it to be considered scoreable, therefore even if the inbounder “shoots” at the basket and the ball is very near to the basket it is not an eligible shot and the goaltending call is invalid.

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