Some uni related notes from 49ers practice

From my old colleague Matt Maiocco, a photo of uniform revelations!

I miss covering training camp and it’s the one time of year that I enjoyed the most covering the 49ers beat. But I am enjoying what I am doing now and this is going to be fun for me to do something different.

I still check in on the 49ers from time to time and I noticed the above photo tweeted by Matt Maiocco. To some 49ers fans, the image gets them excited because it’s Randy Moss and Alex Smith chatting it up. But I didn’t even notice any of that. Instead, it’s the uniform that caught my attention.

One thing to note is that both players are wearing the new Nike issued cleats. Previously, the cleats had to be majority black or else there would be heavy fines. But with Nike now in charge, the rules have changed where players can now wear these cleats which is kind of 50-50 in color.

I wish the 49ers wore white again but this is a little nicer. I’ll save my full opinion for the actual games when these are worn.

Also, notice Alex Smith’s sleeves. you get a full look at the three stripes. They’re not slanted or anything. They’re not cut off either. You get to see all three stripes.

All three stripes. (Photo from 49ers)

Last year, the only player to have all three was David Akers. Now add Smith to that list. Looks so much better and it fits well with the team’s original identity.

I know it’s near impossible to get the rest of the team to get three stripes due to the sizing of their jerseys with pads and all, but three stripes look so much better than 1.5 stripes.

Also, look at Smith’s Nike belt from the top photo. Looks like a fat knot at the waist.


And from last night’s Hall of Fame Game — toilet seat neckline. Reminds me of these atrocities.

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