I love the fact that Serena Williams is keeping it West Coast in London

So apparently Serena Williams went with an impromptu crip walk celebration and she’s getting negative publicity for it. Given the fact that she’s from Compton and it’s part of American pop culture, I don’t think much of it. The walk itself is so popular that I don’t associate it with gang violence now.

But somehow, someway, people are pulling for straws trying to find a reason to criticize her. It’s not even a big deal yet here we are talking about a non-issue.

That’s the same nonsense that came up a couple days ago with Gabby Douglas and her hair. What exactly was the issue with her hair? Hair is hair, who cares what it looks like?

Man, these Olympics bring out the dumb in people.

Oh Terrell Owens, you’re just so you

Watch out before T.O. says something dumb again.

If you haven’t heard the news, Terrell Owens is joining the Seattle Seahawks on a one-year deal. This comes to me as a surprise as I thought his NFL days were over. He hasn’t played since 2010 and was coming off knee surgery.

But Pete Carroll apparently likes trouble making wide receivers. They have Braylon Edwards, had Antonio Bryant, and now T.O. joins the mix.

This is an odd time for Owens because instead of celebrating from the public, most are now laughing and wondering when he’s going to screw up. With his history of selfishness, locker room troubles, off-field issues with child support, and everything else, nobody seems to believe that he is worth the trouble.

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