Dwight Howard’s trade to Lakers and watching the NBA as a fan of the 99%

Oh no… he whined and complained his way to LA.

If you haven’t heard, ESPN is reporting that Dwight Howard is joining the Lakers. And once again, the NBA has allowed itself to become a monopoly of the rich getting richer.

But of course, if you’re a fan of the Lakers, this doesn’t affect you as you’re happy at once again finding offseason success. Getting Howard, getting Steve Nash and keeping Pau Gasol with Kobe Bryant is just all stuff that the rich and privilege continue to receive.

Since moving to Los Angeles several months ago, I’ve gotten to understand the Lakers fanbase a little better and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of them (not all) are just spoiled. They’ll never understand what the majority of the league goes through because they don’t know what suffering looks like. Granted they’ve drafted good players in the past, but they’re always on the top and unlike many other teams, aren’t familiar with struggles.

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Kenny Britt Posted His Fine Sheet On Instagram

One of my fears about the growth of social media is also the growth of stupidity. Especially with famous people, like athletes, there needs to be some kind of tutorial they need to take in order to learn what they should and shouldn’t do.

Kenny Britt is a prime example of stupid. Publicly complaining about your employer on social media, then deleting it thinking nobody saw it is not going to fly. With his history of off-field problems, add another stupid thing this guy has done in his short time in the NFL.

Joe Montana's Right Arm

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has an increasingly long rap sheet that includes high-speed car chases and DUI charges.

His latest transgression took place on Wednesday when Britt took to Instagram to express his displeasure over a near $10,000 fine for missing a meeting with a club trainer.

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All is right with the world as Peyton Manning returns to the field

He’s back!

Tonight, Peyton Manning will play in an NFL game for the first time since January 2011. It’s been a long time but for us football fans, we’re glad he’s back.

Sure he’s not with the Colts and we don’t know how his neck will hold up, but the fact that Manning is on the field and back in action reminds us of how lucky we are to have witnessed this legend’s amazing skills throughout the years.

He might not be the same. He could be Joe Namath with the Rams and all this will just be ugly. Or this could be like Kurt Warner on the last leg of his career taking a team back to the playoffs.

I don’t know what’s in store for Manning, but at least we have that opportunity to watch it unfold once again.