Dwight Howard’s trade to Lakers and watching the NBA as a fan of the 99%

Oh no… he whined and complained his way to LA.

If you haven’t heard, ESPN is reporting that Dwight Howard is joining the Lakers. And once again, the NBA has allowed itself to become a monopoly of the rich getting richer.

But of course, if you’re a fan of the Lakers, this doesn’t affect you as you’re happy at once again finding offseason success. Getting Howard, getting Steve Nash and keeping Pau Gasol with Kobe Bryant is just all stuff that the rich and privilege continue to receive.

Since moving to Los Angeles several months ago, I’ve gotten to understand the Lakers fanbase a little better and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of them (not all) are just spoiled. They’ll never understand what the majority of the league goes through because they don’t know what suffering looks like. Granted they’ve drafted good players in the past, but they’re always on the top and unlike many other teams, aren’t familiar with struggles.

That’s where it hurts the most with this trade. Unless your favorite team is a top 5 team, then the NBA season is another waste of time. With the Lakers getting stronger, and the Heat also adding more weapons, I can say with confidence that those two, along with the Thunder and Bulls, are the likeliest candidates to go to the NBA Finals. No other sport has that kind of predictability.

Parity is one thing that the NBA doesn’t have and is the main reason why I do not enjoy the NBA anymore (plus sketchy officiating). Ever since Magic Johnson showed up, the Lakers have only missed the playoffs twice. That’s just a long line of good fortune. And for me as a Warriors fan, it’s been the complete opposite with my team.

Now, I can’t blame the Lakers entirely for their success. They drafted good players and were able to make good free agent signings. But recently, with the flurry of NBA moves that have allowed the richer teams to get richer, it reminds me why the league itself is in a downward spiral.

A few people have called me a hater, but I am not hating on the Lakers. I am hating the fact that the NBA now has become this power hungry monopoly. Their goal is to boost ratings and in the process, eliminate true competition by giving the top teams more stacking power on their way to the top.

I can’t enjoy the NBA much anymore. My team continues to be climbing up the well as the rich gets richer. The Warriors have dug their own grave yes, but David Stern isn’t making it any easier when teams like the Lakers, Heat, Clippers pile on top talent while the lesser teams continue to struggle through mediocrity.

Basketball was the first sport I fell in love with and there still is a deep love for it I still have. But with recent seasons of living as the “99%” of the NBA fanbase, it’s harder for me to love the game.

I don’t hate the teams like the Heat, Lakers, etc. They did all they did within the rules. I hate the fact that the NBA has allowed parity to die in the league. The Lakers just so happen to be guilty by association, so by that reason, I don’t like the Lakers.

It looks like less basketball for me in the upcoming season. That’s how I feel as part of the majority that’s treated like the minority.

** This is how I see the NBA. Others will see it differently. But as part of the non-top 5 teams, this is what the NBA is to me now.


On a side note: Dwight Howard sucks. As mentioned before, his attitude is not likable. I have never been impressed with his basketball skills either. His offensive game is terrible, can’t shoot free throws and I would never build a franchise around him.

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