So nice to watch 49ers football once again as a fan

I can finally enjoy the game as a fan again.

When I first started my coverage of the 49ers, I was a junior at SJSU, blogging for Since 2007, every 49ers game has been work to me. And for the first time since 2007, I can finally enjoy a 49ers game.

I grew up a 49ers fan and covering the team was a dream fulfilled. But in the process, I wanted to work hard and make sure I could do the best job in covering the team. Because of that, everything the 49ers did was work. Every practice, every interview, every game to me was work.

It was hard for me to enjoy the team because it was all busy work. I don’t want to say I didn’t enjoy it, but it wasn’t the same kind of fun I used to have. Now that I am not tied to worrying about stats, quotes and writing up about the team, I can now enjoy tonight’s preseason game. I’m a 49ers fan once again and I can enjoy the game.

The Nike NFL nightmare finally hit me last night

Let me explain this visually. There had been worries about how the new Nike uniforms would fit into the mix once they hit the field. And as the games yesterday proved, it’s all bad.

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Not every team has these issues, but for those who do, I feel like tapping out.