Breaking down the 49ers uniform from last night’s game

Aesthetically, the 49ers looked good last night.

It was nice to finally watch a 49ers game and not worry about stats, quotes and all that stuff. So when I watched the game last night, I took my time to soak in the football atmosphere and do what I love to do: study the uniforms.

As you all know I am a huge uniform geek and Nike’s new uniforms this year has not looked good on some teams. But the 49ers were one of the few teams that despite Nike’s new templates and fabrics, still looked pretty solid.

Let’s look at the 49ers’ uniform from last night.


There were some interesting looking helmet models out there. The one that stood out to me was Brandon Jacobs. It’s the first of its kind facemask design and I think it looks very unique. I like it.

A few other players like Patrick Willis and Brett Swain wore the new Schutt (I think it’s that model) helmet. Looks pretty sleek.


This is where I was a little confused. I point mainly to the sleeves for this. Alex Smith looked fantastic with his three stripe sleeve. Some had stripes that curved up. Some aren’t even perpendicular. Some was just looking so out of place. Some have that disappearing act going.

Unlike the Vikings’ toilet seat necklace, the 49ers opted to keep their collar one solid color and their flywire was not that noticeable.

I didn’t notice anybody wear those team logo gloves last night. Did you see anyone wear them?


Sweat pouch patches. Wet belly. Whatever you want to call it. Bad. Not a lot of wire photos of it, but you knew it was there.


Surprisingly the belt that’s supposed to cover the side stripes were barely visible. It was there, but not many seemed to have them. In fact, it wasn’t really noticeable.


Most players just wore regular black cleats. Some wore the new red Nike cleats. Not really too big of a deal. Looked fine for the most part because red blends in so well.



Black sweater, black cap, red Sharpie, khakis, white sneakers. Looks the same as last year. Good.


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