Could the Cowboys uniforms get any worse? The answer is yes

I have been on record about not being a fan of the Cowboys’ uniforms. And for good reason. Take a look at their uniform.

  • Mismatching blues. There are three shades of it.
  • The the silver on their helmet doesn’t match their pants.
  • The sleeve stripes feature black, which isn’t part of the team colors.
  • It’s like three different elements from three different teams thrown together in one.
  • Plus their blue tops look nothing like their white jerseys. And they use different pants too.

But after watching some of Monday’s preseason game, I have realized that Nike has actually made the uniform worse.

As shown by the link above, Tony Romo’s sleeve stripes are actually at the bottom of the sleeve. That looks fine. But now, Nike has changed it.

Romo’s sleeve stripes are out of place.

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