Felix and Melky: The highs and lows in baseball today

I am posting this blog entry as a fan of baseball. With my background as an A’s fan, you’ll see that my perspective on things is a little different than what you might believe.



I am happy for Felix Hernandez. I love Venezuelan ballplayers and as an A’s fan, I know firsthand how dangerous Hernandez is. I don’t know how many Opening Days I’ve gone to and seen Felix dominate.

But think about it. This is the 23rd perfect game and the third this season. These things are supposed to be rare and yet we’ve seen three this year. Phil Humber had one and Matt Cain did it too.

But unlike the other two, Hernandez’s perfect game is the most impressive. His velocity was getting stronger by the inning. He was mixing in great breaking balls and dead heat.

Humber threw his against a very weak Seattle team. Cain threw his against a really bad Astros squad. Hernandez did this to a team that is in the playoff hunt. That’s impressive, so good for him

Having seen Hernandez for so many years, I knew he had this kind of potential. Glad he finally reached the ultimate achievement for pitchers.

But the real question is this: why are the Rays always the victims?


Crotch chop that, Melky.


So Melky Cabrera was caught PEDs. Another bad episode in this game of baseball.

I never liked him. As an A’s fan, I appreciated what he did this year but after this news, I don’t know if it was all natural talent. Now I wonder if his great season last year was also tainted.

He denied it a few weeks ago when he was approached about a report about him taking steroids, making a local reporter look bad. Then he proceeds to do crotch chops, which angered the awesome Chipper Jones. And now this news about being caught comes up.

Let’s not forget those Melkmen that showed up this year. What are they going to do now? They can’t copy the Bernie and do it elsewhere.

As much grief that I’ve gotten from Giants fans over the years about former A’s players using PEDs, finally they have their own bad guy. Barry Bonds was never truly caught, but now we have another left fielder in trouble.

The high and mighty Giants mentality takes a hit. The bandwagon fans now have no idea how to act.

And once again, the game takes another backseat to stupidity, bad decisions and cheating. I wish it would all go away. And I wonder about the All-Star Game MVP award he got. Did he cheat his way to helping the National League win?

Steroids is a public relations nightmare and when the A’s got Manny Ramirez, that was a heavy amount of fending the A’s had to do. Ramirez never made it to the team and quite frankly after this episode, this is the last we’ve seen of Melky in a Giants uniform.


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