Farewell to my theory on the Oakland A’s dot racing

Farewell classic dot racing.

The Oakland A’s have had dot racing at the Coliseum since they had a video screen. With decades of history, dot racing has been a staple in the East Bay. The dots have always been red, white and blue and sometimes they  have even done a live version.

Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed it and the entire Coliseum crowd eats it up. But on Tuesday night, dot racing changed its colors to green, white and gold. Even though the change makes sense, it saddens me because it ends a long-time theory I had been working on for many years.

The theory isn’t 100-percent accurate, but I say it’s 85-percent correct most of the time. Since the original dot racing is no longer here, I will share my theory.

I don’t believe that the winner of dot racing is determined by anything. I believe it’s just a random video selected to play during the middle of the inning. But the winner most of the time fits along with what the A’s are wearing on the field.

If the A’s are wearing their white uniforms, the white dot usually ends up winning.

If the A’s are not in their home whites, the winner is determined by what the opposition is wearing. If the opposition is wearing predominantly red, then red won’t win, thus leaving blue as the only possible winner.

The same can be said if the opposition is wearing predominantly blue, then red wins.

If the opposition wears neither red or blue (which is rare), then it becomes a toss up but usually it leans towards the color least like the opposition. So if the Orioles are in town, blue wins because red is very close to orange.

This theory doesn’t make much sense but it works around 85-percent of the time. But now with the new color change, I guess now I no longer have any predictability to the predictable race.

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