Did NBA 2K13 just leak the new Brooklyn Nets uniform?

New Nets look?

Jay-Z wanted a very simple black and white look for the Brooklyn Nets and according to this screen shot from an NBA 2K13 demo, the uniforms are exactly that.

If you squint your eyes, you’d think you’re looking at the San Antonio Spurs.

If these are the new Nets uniforms, their new set looks like something you could order off East Bay for your local sports team. No piping down either the the jersey or shorts. It doesn’t appear to be any logo on the shorts either. It’s just a simple white text on the jersey and I would assume the home whites will be the exact mirror reflection.

What do you think of this Nets design?

Oh Bartolo Colon you foolish man

It was too good to be true for an aging man to pitch so well. Now it makes sense.

If you didn’t hear, Bartolo Colon has been suspended for 50 games for testing positive for high levels of Testosterone. This comes a week after Melky Cabrera was tested for the same thing.

As an A’s fan, I am disappointed and I wonder when this started. Was it last year when he had this miraculous start to the 2011 season? Was it during his stem cell operation?

He was a great staple to the A’s rotation and a veteran presence. And despite his weight issues, appeared to not be phased by the rigorous demands of being a big league pitcher. But with this news, now it makes a lot more sense why he pitched so well.

Fortunately the A’s have a plethora of arms so Colon’s absence doesn’t hurt that much. Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson recently returned. Tommy Milone, Jarrod Parker both have been doing fine in the rotation too. AJ Griffin and Dan Straily both could return to the team next week. Even though the team has a lot of rookies, I think they are ready for the stretch run. It’s just unfortunate that a veteran like Colon is gone because of his foolish decision.

At least he didn’t like about it with a fake website.