My own fantasy draft advice that helps you win or lose

I am only doing one fantasy team this year but I still think that over the past 10 years that I have done fantasy football, I’ve learned a thing or two. Here are some tips for all you fantasy geeks getting ready for the draft this week.

These suggestions are just that. I can’t guarantee victory for any of you, but hey, I’ll share what I know.

1 – QB in first round is OK and is encouraged.

If you have the opportunity to draft Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton or Drew Brees in the first round, you should consider. Based off their performances last year, they should do the same this year and put you up the top in terms of individual scoring.

In the league that used to be about running backs first, now it’s more geared towards the passing game. You should still get a running back in the second round, but if you can secure an elite fantasy quarterback first, that gives you stability in one of the most important positions.

2 – Adrian Peterson could be a steal.

He used to be the top back but now might fall into the late second round. You should consider getting him there if available but make sure to handcuff Toby Gerhart.

Another running back that you could get a steal from is Maurice Jones-Drew. I doubt he’s missing any regular season time, although the new offense won’t run as much. He could be available late and that might be a huge boost for your team.

Also consider handcuffing Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin.

3 – Backup QBs.

Josh Freeman might be a surprise this year and could go early. But if you need a backup QB that might go in the later rounds, I recommend Alex Smith. He could put up the same numbers as he did last year and that might be good enough for you in that one week you need him.

Also consider Andrew Luck. The offense is a work in progress but he’s very mature right now and could give you that boost you need for that one week. Rookie Ryan Tannehill also should be considered late.

4 – Larry Fitzgerald losing value?

With a quarterback situation in the air, I say that you might not want to draft him so high. Consider other top picks like Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson. Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, Jordy Nelson are all pretty good high picks to get.

5 – Draft elite tight ends early.

I normally don’t like to draft tight ends high but with the emergence of Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis as elite tight ends, you might see these guys go in the third or fourth round. And if that’s the case, get them. These tight ends might put up better fantasy numbers than some wide receivers and getting an elite tight end can help you go a long way.

6 – Bye weeks.

Remember to draft with bye weeks in mind.

7 – A team with good defense can lead to lots of FG opportunities.

Last year the 49ers defense gave their offense numerous scoring opportunities. David Akers benefited from that. The same can be said this year for elite defenses. They will provide their team opportunities to kick field goals or PATs. Keep an eye out for the later rounds to see which team could help boost your kicker’s value.

8 – Sleepers.

Lots of teams go with a now two-back running system. The backups for workhorses will have a higher value.

Try to avoid receivers that have been out of the game for some time or are just on the decline. I doubt any of them will produce anything worth a high pick. But consider their backups as options. Younger, faster receivers are hot picks right now.

9 – Best defense

Forcing turnovers to me doesn’t mark a great defense. But in fantasy, it does. Look for the team that forces turnovers and will have a pretty easy schedule. You might not get the 49ers, Jets or Ravens, but look for a team that won’t run into buzzsaw offenses and maybe you might have a good sleeper defense to work with.

10 – Have fun.

Just enjoy!


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