Terrell Owens’ bad hands may have cost him his final chance at the NFL

Aside from the near overdose of drugs, the constant complaining to everybody and his child support issues, Owens has always prided himself in being a very in-shape, talented football player. He has Hall of Fame career numbers and after knee surgery, we wondered if he had anything left.

His time with the Seahawks ended today and some may wonder if that was the last opportunity he would ever have in the NFL. He was in shape and appeared to be in good spirits about this opportunity. But unfortunately, the Seahawks didn’t like what they saw and they got rid of him.

As I watched the preseason games this year, I realized that Owens had numerous opportunities to make an impression to the team. But I think that ultimately, his one weakness as a football player caught up to him. He just doesn’t have great hands.

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I think I did OK with my fantasy team

Not as insane, but still fun with my friends.

I had my first (and only) fantasy draft this season last night and this is how it all turned out.

This is a 14-team league and I had the last pick, meaning with the snack setting, I had back to back picks throughout the night. Default settings on Yahoo!

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