Terrell Owens’ bad hands may have cost him his final chance at the NFL

Aside from the near overdose of drugs, the constant complaining to everybody and his child support issues, Owens has always prided himself in being a very in-shape, talented football player. He has Hall of Fame career numbers and after knee surgery, we wondered if he had anything left.

His time with the Seahawks ended today and some may wonder if that was the last opportunity he would ever have in the NFL. He was in shape and appeared to be in good spirits about this opportunity. But unfortunately, the Seahawks didn’t like what they saw and they got rid of him.

As I watched the preseason games this year, I realized that Owens had numerous opportunities to make an impression to the team. But I think that ultimately, his one weakness as a football player caught up to him. He just doesn’t have great hands.

There have been a lot of experts, football writers that had written this week that Owens needed to make every catch to stand out. But that one long deep pass from Matt Flynn in the second game, which would have been a touchdown, was dropped. That might have been the one play that cost Owens a new NFL life in Seattle.

Throughout his career, Owens has been plagued by the inability to make catches on a consistent basis. For an elite receiver, he always struggled to come up with catches that should be made. His size, speed were always there. The hands, not really.

Even his greatest moment as a receiver in The Catch II, all of that drama at the end might have been avoided if Owens didn’t drop everything that came his way earlier in the game. Yet when the stage was set, he made the biggest catch of his career.

A part of me feels bad for him because he does try to be a good football player, but he has done so much damage in the past that the wiggle room was very limited. And despite everything going right for him in Seahawks camp this year, the one weakness he had in his game showed up at the wrong time. Now Owens is without a job and might not ever latch on to a team in the NFL ever again.

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