My adventure at Dodger Stadium for Vin Scully bobblehead night

If you have a Vin Scully bobblead, throw it to the sky!

I have not met one baseball fan that doesn’t appreciate what Vin Scully means to the game. So when I found out the Dodgers were going to have a bobblehead day for him, I bought tickets immediately. It was something I knew I had to be a part of.

I got to the stadium really early. So early that I had to park my car near the park and wait until 4:30 for the parking gates to open up. Luckily I got there the time I did because if I had gotten there let’s say a half hour later, I would have been somewhere behind these thousand or so people.

There was yelling and pushing because when the gates opened, people that were in the back of the line that were looped around, just cut into it. Security said they couldn’t do anything and there was a lot more pushing going on. But at least for me, I got my bobbleheads easily. Two to be exact!

But other than that, it was a great experience.

One of the boxes for the bobblehead was damaged. I had to go to fan services and exchange it for a new one. Very nice worker that helped me out.

In fact, even in line and the people I sat next to were all very nice. They welcomed me to Los Angeles and wished me well. Good conversations. I like that about fanbases that treat outsiders nicely.

I also ordered two Dodger Dogs. One of the regular steamed one (which was not bad) and a grilled one (which was even better).

Even though the Dodgers loss, the above video alone was worth the price of admission. I nearly teared up. And before the game started, a beautiful rainbow appeared.

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