Episode 7 – Zero Purple Tolerance

This was The Logo Cast’s latest entry with UniWatch’s Paul Lukas. Pretty good episode.

The Logocast

[audio http://archive.org/download/TheLogocastTheLogocastEpisode7-ZeroPurpleTolerance/Episode7ZeroPurpleTolerance.mp3]
In this episode, we talk to ESPN’s Uni Watch Master, Paul Lukas, as well as Madden NFL 13 Creative Director Mike Young. For reasons we go into on air, we weren’t able to bring you all of the Young interview, and we apologize. That being said, what we did get was really good stuff, and we think fans will really like it. Paul’s interview went off like a hitch and was great, and we think all of his fans and all of our fans, who we hope are all the same fans, will enjoy.

0:02:30 – Introduction, Explanation, and Apologies
0:06:35 – The News Stories of the Week. For What we Discussed, Check out the Tumblr.
0:48:00 – Interview With ESPN‘s Paul Lukas.
1:26:10 – Interview with Madden NFL 13 Creative Director Mike Young.
1:50:00 – Top 5: Minor League Identities
2:02:10 – Musical Guest –

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