New 49ers fan flag revealed last night is pretty interesting

What do you think of the flag?

Over the summer, there was a contest that wasn’t well publicized that asked fans to design a flag for their favorite football team. This is a cool concept to get the creativity of the fans involved. And surprisingly, a good portion of these turned out pretty well.


Looking at the 49ers flag, the one thing that I don’t like is that the flag doesn’t feature the “SF” logo. Instead it features the team name wordmark. The “SF” is way more iconic and it stands out.

But here are some things I do like. The sunset is a great touch because if you’ve gone to Candlestick Park, Journey’s “Lights” is played after every game.

When the lights go down in the city / And the sun shines on the Bay…

I like anything that features the Golden Gate Bridge, but I think that using the city name for it really doesn’t look that good. The bridge itself is iconic, so there’s no point in changing it up. We know where the 49ers play. And if we don’t, the bridge alone will tell us.

Other than that, this flag is nice, but could have been better. As some of the other flags have, there should be some homage to the past on the flag. There is no mention of when the team was established or their five Super Bowl wins. And the color balance is heavy. It needs some white.

What do you think of this flag? What about the other flags?

Some of my personal favorites:

  • Arizona: Desert background is very nice.
  • Buffalo: Snowflakes gives it a nice touch.
  • Seattle: I wonder if they can adopt this as their 12th man flag??
  • Packers: Simple and classic.
  • Giants: Same as Packers.
  • Raiders: Team slogan on a simple black background.
  • Rams: Very nice touch adding the football element.
  • Titans: May be intentional, but background involves music and football elements — Music City Miracle.

2 thoughts on “New 49ers fan flag revealed last night is pretty interesting

  1. Also one more thing to note. The design of flag would have to be changed drastically if it was changed from San Francisco to SF, because the word SAN FRANCISCO served as the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge. So thus that wordmark became unanimious on the design.

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