I woke up just in time to buy this very sweet Oakland Oaks throwback

I got it!

When the A’s wore their Oakland Oaks throwbacks on my birthday, I realized that I had to get it. I unfortunately live in LA and the opportunity to buy the limited supply at the Coliseum didn’t happen for me.

But I found out that Ebbets Field Flannels makes them but for at a crazy $200 per jersey. I followed them on Twitter hoping that maybe one day they would have a sale. They did.

They said earlier in the week they would reveal a half-off sale on Facebook before sending out an email to the newsletter subscribers. Since I am on the Facebook, this was easy for me.

The problem was that they didn’t say when the sale would begin. They just told people to watch out. But I wasn’t going to hang onto the computer all day. I just had to hope I was online when the sale went live.

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What is the model American athlete supposed to say?

Brendan Ayanbadejo has been vocal about his stance on same-sex marriage for some time.

Earlier this week, there was a buzz in Maryland as Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo said he was OK with same-sex marriage. That wasn’t the news that caused the buzz. It was the reaction from local pastor and state house of delegates-member Emmett C. Burns Jr. (D-Baltimore County) who condemned Ayanbadejo for being open with his thoughts on the topic.


This obviously is something that I’ve touched on before and I think it needs repeating. I think that we need to understand that sports can’t just be viewed as a game. It’s not anymore.

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