A very strange incident involving flat-brimmed caps’ popularity

I don’t wear caps like this guy.

I was at a sports shop yesterday and I was looking at a few caps they had for sale. I saw one very unique San Diego Padres cap and I asked the worker there if he could get me one in my size to try on.

The cap had not been worn before, so the brim of it was flat. But since I find the flat-brimmed style as something I don’t like, nor feel comfortable wearing, I started to bend the brim of it before I put it on. I like all of my caps bills bent — it feels better to me.

Then another worker (wearing a flat-brimmed cap) at the store saw me bending and scolded me for bending it, threatening me that if I bend the bill, I have to buy it. He claimed that bending the bill of the cap decreases its value.

I questioned back, asking how could I try on the cap if I can’t try it on the way I wear it? There is a different feel with a flat compared to a bend. How could I try the cap on if I can’t wear it the way it was meant to be worn?

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