The strange dude videobombing Alex Smith’s interview is rapper Niraj Vora


First, let me address this before the actual game analysis comes in. I don’t know who that guy is behind Alex Smith. I had never met him before but apparently he has an on-field credential. But why is he dressed like that and why does he intentionally make himself visible behind Smith without doing anything?

The more I see him, the creepier I feel about it. Who are you? Why are you there? If you’re listening in on the interview, why aren’t you actually listening and taking notes?

EDIT: I found out who he is

Now to the my thoughts on the 49ers’ performance.

Entering this season there was a lot of buzz about the 49ers and what last year’s performance meant. Last week’s game against the Packers proved that the 2011 season was not a fluke. Last night’s game proved that the 49ers have to be the favorites to win the whole thing.

I am not being a homer here or anything, but find me another team that has looked this impressive against tough competition in consecutive weeks.

The defense alone leads me to believe that they can stop any offense. Their suffocating rush defense is astounding. Their pass defense is still a work in progress, but in consecutive weeks they’ve baffled the opposition in Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford.

Specials teams remains solid as always but the offense is what excites me. Smith is playing a solid style of quarterback. He doesn’t need flashy numbers. He just does what he needs to do to win. Frank Gore is running strong despite the absence of key backups. It all looks great for the 49ers.

The passing attack has evolved to a level that I believe can just continue to improve. Michael Crabtree had his best performance in his young career, with three key catches on third downs to move the sticks setting up the dagger score by Vernon Davis. Speaking of Davis, he has seven touchdowns in his past four games. That’s impressive. Mario Manningham is starting to show his value as the the third receiver while Randy Moss is becoming a solid decoy opening up the passing attack.

As pointed out by several people, the only team that can beat these 49ers are the 49ers. Jim Harbaugh and his staff have put together solid game plans dating back to last season and if they are able to execute them on a weekly basis, I can’t see any team beating the 49ers.

If the 49ers can keep their composure and stay humble, this team could very well run the table this entire season. Now, I am not saying they will but looking at the schedule, I don’t see any game the 49ers can’t win. They’re that good.

This team is growing and are still learning about themselves. But with each week, they’re getting stronger and last night’s game is proof that wins don’t need to be pretty. Harbaugh likes his games tough and gritty. It’s the new 49ers style and it can take them to the Super Bowl.


One uniform note (I couldn’t find a photo last night but Uni Watch got them).


Carlos Rogers has twisted the piping on his pants. This reminds me of the time when the Broncos players decided to go barbershop twisty with their socks. I don’t think this is worthy of a league fine (since I can’t think of an actual rule he’s breaking) but I know the NFL uniform police has taken notice and likely will ask Rogers to fix it for next game.

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