Replacement officials: Was it the final straw?


I honestly don’t think that this is the final straw. I don’t think that there will be an immediate change where the real officials will be back.

Despite the horrible ending to Monday’s game, there is just too much money that still needs to be figured out. And because of that, I don’t think a resolution will be made within this week to make this right.

What sucks is that there was so much time to get it done but now it’s leaked into the season and hurt the integrity of the game. I am not blaming these replacement officials because they aren’t the ones at fault. They are not equipped for the job and they are only here because the league needed officials.

I really am not happy with what has happened now and the immediate reaction is strong from Monday. But it’s not going to be easy to figure out this whole mess. We’ll continue to have these replacements run the game and the fans, players will enter Week 4 angrier than last week.

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