The regular referees are back and our three-week saga comes to an end

After three weeks of the regular season, the regular NFL officials will be back just in time for the beginning of Week 4. This comes as a little surprise to me as I initially didn’t think a deal would get done so quickly.

But here we are and we are happy. I am glad that a deal was made and that these officials will be back. The replacements did their best with little experience but it was time for them to go. There was just too much pressure on the NFL to get something done before the next week began. More importantly, if the replacement officials were still around, who knows what kind of abuse they would get from coaches, players and fans.

And what really makes me excited is that the regular officials had been making preparations for their return. They knew they couldn’t be behind. Granted these regular officials aren’t perfect either, but it’s the best the NFL has to offer and I am glad to see them return.

Was this a real national nightmare where even non-football shows like Ellen would talk about it? Not really. But with the speed of consumption the country eats up football, it might as well have been. But no more silliness. Let’s get back to football. It’s only a matter of time before we complain about these regulars.

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