Jaguars officially puts the end of the teal era

On October 7, the Jaguars will officially make black their primary color and by that, we bid farewell to their teal sets. We still might see them as an alternate, but what’s the point? The Jaguars are saying goodbye to one of the best color schemes in all of football.

When the team first came into the league in 1995, they were the only team with teal as their primary. With a great balance of black and gold, the Jaguars had a modern classic. Even their previous sponsor for their stadium, Alltel, was nicknamed All-Teal.

When they switched to this current set, the gold was de-emphasized and eventually, we’ve now lost teal. I’ve been vocal about my displeasure about this.

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My movie review of “Trouble With the Curve” — which I think is a baseball movie

Quick synopsis: Gus (Clint Eastwood) is an aging baseball scout that has had a great track record and is on to seek a prospect for the Braves in the upcoming draft. His eyesight is starting to fail him and his colleague, a former scout now team executive (John Goodman) suggests that Gus’ overworked lawyer daughter Mickey (Amy Adams) accompany Gus on this scouting trip. There Mickey hopes to mend a broken relationship with her father while she tries to balance her own problems in life.

So I came into the theater having high expectations for the movie. After all, I love baseball and I enjoy Clint Eastwood. But after watching this movie, I don’t think this was much of a baseball movie. Baseball was the backdrop to a story that featured more of Gus and his daughter Mickey bonding together for the first time in their lives.

But there were some good baseball notions to it. It actually debunked everything “Moneyball” was about — that computers can’t determine a player’s worth. You have to see it, hear and and believe it. And there goes the current state of scouting — which approach works best?

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