Jay-Z unveils new Brooklyn Nets jersey at his own concert last night

Sean Carter shows off his new jersey with some chains.

Screw the official unveiling. Sean Carter doesn’t roll like that. Hova decided to sport the new Brooklyn Nets jersey at the Barclays Center’s grand opening on Friday night.

The jersey is exactly as we expected to be.

It’s a simple black jersey with Brooklyn written across the front. No complicated patterns or anything. The white jersey is expected to be an exact mirror of this set. This is what the shorts look like.

Jay-Z rocking the new Barclays Center.

The unfortunate bit about this is that this is not normally a way a team unveils their new identity, but for Jay-Z, the entire team is about how he wants to market it and if it’s through a concert at the arena’s grand opening, then he’s going to do it that way.


(He’s wearing the No. 4 because that in Roman numerals is “IV”, which is like his daughter’s name Ivy. Sure, why not. And why the design? Check this out.)

After all, we’ve already seen what the cheerleaders outfits will look like.

And speaking of Jay-Z’s appearance, check out his image in NBA 2K13 — where he can be seen courtside at every Nets home game.

Hova in video game form.

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