After today, San Jose Sharks will be only teal primary team in professional sports

The last teal standing.

After today, the Jacksonville Jaguars will be saying farewell to teal as their primary color. That leaves the San Jose Sharks as the only team left in the four major sports (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA) that will feature teal as their primary color.

It’s a sad day because teal was a unique color that isn’t used a lot in the professional level and in my opinion, teal was what made the Jaguars unique. It was a product of the identity of the 1990s.

Coincidentally, I am a huge Jaguars and Sharks fan. And now with the Sharks as the only teal team left in the professional level, I really hope the Sharks continue wearing teal as their primaries instead of what appears a favoring toward their black third jerseys.

** For some who are wondering, the New Orleans Hornets and Miami Dolphins don’t wear teal. Hornets are an off shade of blue and the Dolphins wear aqua.